We buy houses In Nogales

sell your home in Nogales, AZ and We buy houses In Nogales, AZ. (/).
Reacasa’s vision is to empower everyone with the freedom to move and build a fluid, frictionless housing market that allows people to move quickly and easily. That’s why we give our customers as many options as possible for buying or selling a home, whether it’s directly with Opendoor, through our partnerships with home builders, or with the help of an agent. For many of our buyers and sellers, we know having the support of a great, trusted agent is an important part of the journey.

Over the years, we’ve worked closely with agents in over 20 markets across the country. Our goal is to give agents high-quality referrals whenever possible and help them provide more certainty for their clients. Just like agents, we want people to feel empowered to move when they are ready, not just when they have to.
Now, we’re taking our partnerships with agents to the next level.
Working together with a group of top-performing agents over the last year and incorporating feedback from 4+ years of work with leading agents and homeowners across the US, we’ve developed the Opendoor Agent Partner Program, which launches today.

We’re looking to partner with highly-rated, trusted agents who we can pair with home buyers and sellers when it is the customer’s best option. To start, when someone requests an offer on their home from Opendoor but it’s outside of our buy criteria, our brokerage will refer them to one of our Agent Partners. Not only will this give homeowners peace of mind knowing they are in good hands, but it will provide a new way for agents to build their businesses with high-intent, high-converting buyers and sellers.
Agent Partners won’t pay upfront for the referrals, only at the close of a sale. As an additional benefit, Opendoor will offer a $1500 credit to their clients who sell to Opendoor. We’ve been testing the program with a group of trusted partners, and are energized by the positive feedback and amazing customer experiences we’ve heard so far.

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