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A Medicare insurance broker is an independent agent who gives you an unbiased opinion on your Medicare plan options. They are appointed by many different insurance companies so that they can find the right fit for you.

Benefits of Working with a Medicare Insurance Broker
• The rates you pay for your insurance are exactly the same
• Agents have collective data about insurance carriers that you may not have access to, such as rate trends
• Only Independent Medicare insurance agents like us can offer a variety of plans so there is no bias when we recommend which Medigap, Medicare Advantage or Part D drug plan is right for you.
Benefits of Choosing Arizona Medicare insurance agent as your Medicare Broker
we specialize in Medicare insurance products so that we can be as educated as possible for your benefit. Unlike many other Medicare insurance brokers, we don’t sell group health insurance, disability insurance, or auto insurance.
Sometimes Medicare insurance agents try to offer too many different insurance products. They are pulled in too many directions and can’t be as knowledgeable as possible about any one line of insurance.
Here at Arizona Medicare insurance agent, we work hard to keep our agents from being distracted by all that other stuff. We concentrate on the Medicare market– you could say we live and breathe Medicare, and we do it in 42 states.
an independent Medicare insurance broker. This means that we work with many different companies so that we can provide you the best Medicare plan for you as an individual. Independent Medicare insurance agents work for themselves instead of having to push just one company’s Medicare insurance products.
When it comes to searching for health insurance, can – and should – we purchase it without the help of a sales professional? We can certainly benefit from the expertise of a sales agent in some situations, and a licensed Medicare insurance broker may provide invaluable guidance as we research and compare insurance plans. Healthcare coverage decisions can have serious consequences on your health and financial well-being, and a licensed insurance agent may be the knowledgeable resource that helps you and your loved ones find the quality Medicare insurance plan that is right for you, at a price you can afford.